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Blocking A Specific Number from Calling Company Extensions in Avaya CM

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

We recently had a user who was being constantly harassed by a particular number and requested that we block this number from calling. We didn't like the idea of having the phone company block the number as that is a permanent resolution and requires a lot more intervention on the services side. In doing our research there are 2 commonly-used methods to accomplish a block at the PBX level:

1. Create a VDN and read the ANI (if your CM supports this) and disconnect, or play a message to the user, if they are blocked. Unfortunately this requires changing the user's extension to a VDN and only supports a single extension.
2. Create a "dummy" station and associate the number with an off-pbx EC500 call, and "fence" the call with a class of restriction. This would present a wave-off to the blocked user.

The second option worked much better for our scenario, so we thought we would share the steps as we gathered these from multiple different places.

We are using dual Avaya 8800s with CM 5.

1. Create a new COR (in our case 80):
list cor and edit an empty value
Change the following values:
COR Description: Block Number
Calling Party Restriction: origination

2. Create a new station (in our case station 3010)
add station next
Set the following values:
Type: 6408D+ (or any valid physical phone type, but not virtual)
Port: X
Name: Block Number

3. Associate the number you wish to block with EC500 for the extension you created
cha off sta XXXX (in our case 3010)
Set the following values for the number you wish to block:
Station Extension: XXXX (3010 in our case)
Application: EC500
Phone Number: The 10-digit number you wish to block
Trunk Selection: ars
Config Set: 1

Save the configuration and you're all set!

You can test this with your own number to make sure it is working properly before using it on the number to block.

To test, open emulation mode and run list trace st XXXX (3010 in our case).

Call any extension within your switch and you should see a denial event:

10:25:15 active station 3010 cid 0x10f5
10:25:15 dial 5122
10:25:15 denial event 1732: Caller COR Restricted D1=0x8be5 D2=0x8be5
10:25:15 dial 5122
10:25:15 term station 3010 cid 0x10f5
10:25:15 idle station 3010 cid 0x10f5

Blockin' Tom Out.


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Craig said on Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 @ 9:32 AM

Not sure if you missed some detail in you instructions but, I can't seem to get this to work in CM 6.

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