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IPhone SMS To Gmail

This product has been discontinued

IPhone SMS To Gmail is a program which allows Windows and Mac IPhone users to upload their backed up SMS, MMS, and iMessage messages from their computer to Gmail or Google Apps. The program is available for a free trial limited to downloading 2 SMS messages so you can test the application yourself.

Features include:
  • Backup SMS Messages from your iPhone
  • Full support for iOS 9
  • Backup iChat messages
  • Full UTF-8 Encoded language support (Such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc)
  • Fully supports attachments via MMS messages as well as attachments with iMessage
  • Integrates with address book for names in Gmail and Google Apps
  • Will read all iPhone backups from a single run

The full edition allows you to back up an unlimited number of SMS messages to your Gmail or Google Apps account.

How It Works

Using IPhone SMS To Gmail is very simple. You first need to ensure that your IPhone is connected to your Windows computer using iTunes, in the same manner that you would normally synchronize your IPhone. Right-click on the device name, and select Backup. You can now close iTunes. Open IPhone SMS to Gmail, enter your credentials and your desired Gmail label, and the software will take care of the rest!


$9.99 - Purchase License
$49.99 - Purchase Lifetime License - Never pay for a new version again!

Download Releases

Version 9.0 - Released Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Full support for latest version of iOS. Multiple fixes for bugs in application. Ability to override default backup directories
Download (Windows)
Download (Mac)

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