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Disabling (and setting) the tab stop of a browser in Firefox and MSIE

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

A quick note about setting the tab stop for the actual HTML on a page in either MSIE or Firefox.

For those that don't know, Tab stop is where the "highlighted" region stops in your browser when you use the tab key.

Be wary of changing this, as users without the use of a mouse will not be able to navigate to the regions that you disable, however, there are often usability reasons for disabling the tab stop.

The HTML syntax is very simple (in both MSIE and Firefox):

The syntax above will actually set the tab stop of that element to be the first element that is highlighted on the page upon hitting tab.

To disable a tab stop, simply change the tabindex to -1. This works great in both MSIE and Firefox.

Your final output would be:

This will also work for a href links, etc.

Tom out.



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