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GooSync is awesome!

Friday, July 11th, 2008

I use a Windows mobile phone, and my biggest complaint thus far is that I can't sync my contacts and calendar with Google over the air... that all changes now.

A great service, aptly named goosync, allows a user to sync their calendars over the air for free, and for a premium account (at a minimal price per year) allows them to sync their contacts and tasks as well. I signed up for the service last night, and I must say I am loving it thus far. Any changes to contacts I make on my phone, or via Gmail, are automatically synced. You can set the threshold of time at which information is synced, as well as on-demand syncing.

Goosync also works with Google Apps domains (such as my own).

FINALLY, a service that allows me to easily sync my google information without jumping through hoops, and I am very impressed!

Sync Tom Out.


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