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Where the WM messages at?

Saturday, June 7th, 2008

I've been playing around with some software on my Windows Mobile 6 phone over the past few days... and I am disappointed. Compact Framework team... I hope you hear me somehow.

The .NET Compact Framework has a great interface to the Outlook functionality on WM6, using the WindowsMobile.PocketOutlook namespace. It is easy to connect to it, using the OutlookSession class, and iterate through SOME of the items within Outlook... mainly Contacts, Tasks, and Notes. I got really excited as I was seeing this, thinking that my idea to backup my text messages to my IMAP account on Google Apps would be a snap and deployed within a matter of minutes. But as I was looking for this functionality, there is no collection for either EmailMessages, or SmsMessages.... COME ON GUYS!

You can intercept SmsMessages as they arrive, via the MessageInterceptor class, but that says nothing about past text messages, and EmailMessages are just a lost cause.

How can you expose Notes, Tasks, etc, but NOT expose any form of messages? If I were to throw a random number out, I would say probably 90% of sweet programs that could be written for Windows Mobile are NOT written, simply because the CF team decided not to expose any messages. How could you guys have this big of an oversight? Maybe the same team that was working on the Vista features was working on the CF features?

Looking around via Google, I am not the only person with this complaint.

CF Team... you guys need to change this in the future, or I'll switch to a phone that allows me to access this information. Yes BlackBerry requires code-signing, but at least when it is code-signed you can access the information.

The days of closed-information are over, people want data, and they want it NOW, especially if that information is their own.

This is a huge oversight, and for me, a huge disappointment.

Angry Windows Mobile Tom Out.


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