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RSSBus is a Platform, Framework AND Extensible

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

One of the greatest upsides to using RSSBus as a web development framework is the fact that it is already a Platform, a Framework, and Extensible. Typically using other technologies in the same form would require 3 separate technologies altogether, but with RSSBus, they are already included.

Let's take a real-world example and compare RSSBus to PHP.

The Platform of PHP would be a web server, under whichever operating system you would desire: the most popular combination is arguably Linux and Apache running PHP.

RSSBus also works on multiple platforms: There is a native windows version as well as the now-beta Java edition, which means RSSBus works on any platform, just like PHP.

The Framework of PHP is generally some form of templating CMS technology, such as phpCMS, Jetbox, Joomla, etc which includes the tempating ability for all of your pages.

This ability is built-in automatically with RSSBus, using RSBScript as a templating system with the aptly-named RSBTemplates. Templating with RSBScript already includes the ability to incorporate program logic as well as templated output.

The 3rd ability of PHP is the extensibility which provides programmatic extensions to natively support 3rd-party technologies. These include common uses such as Mysql, Sql Server, and countless others.

RSSBus also has this ability using "connectors", as well as item formatters and feed formatters which provide native functionality while outputting specific types. The RSB interfaces within RSSBus are all publicly-exposed, which means that you can easily create connectors, item formatters, and feed formatters using your .NET language of choice, or Java if you so please.

All and all RSSBus works great as a way of simplifying your development time, making information readily and easily available, and quickly allowing for interaction with countless other technologies: RSSBus already has over 75 connectors for a multitude of different technologies, all available for free, and fully supported by the RSSBus development team.

If you have yet to check out RSSBus as a technology and development platform, I would highly recommend that you do so. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

RSBTom out.


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