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Digsby... the Trillian Killer

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

I have been using Trillian as my one-and-only chat program for as long as I can remember... at least 6 years now. I never thought that I would see the day that I changed chat programs, I mean Trillian was stable for a long time, and worked with all of the 9 million different chat protocols out there... but that time has come to an end.

Enter the world of Digsby. The guys over at Digsby have been busy pumping out updates left and right for the past few months, and they have been doing a great job. Have a suggestion or a bugfix? Just send them a tweet (using Digsby of course) and they'll have it fixed in no time. I had a very odd bug that I went back and forth with their support team for 2 weeks to get resolved... and by God they resolved it... and here's the shocker... the support was free.

So why did I switch from Trillian? It is quite simple really, Digsby takes a chat program, and adds the social aspect. By social aspect, I mean the key players for myself, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace integration, directly inline with the application itself.

I must say Digsby devs, you guys rock, keep it coming!

To the ladies and gents over at Trillian, I'm sorry guys, you've had a great program for a long time, and I won't forget that, but you need to get with the times a little quicker in the future before I'll consider switching back. If Digsby keeps doing things the way they have been then that may never happen... not to mention they are free.

That's all for me folks, Tom out.


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