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Are you kidding me Berkley?

Friday, February 8th, 2008

I had to write a post about this, as I was reading at lunch and saw this story about how the Berkley city council has requested that all Marine recruiters be removed from their city. You have got to be kidding me...

I understand that people have a right to their opinions, and that they have a right to be against a war, and the government that cited the need to go to war, but when you involve an officer of any of our armed forces, you have far surpassed the line of reasonable disagreement.

Our armed forces have nothing to do with foreign policy, nothing to do with local propaganda relating to support for or those against the war. I have lost 2 friends in the Iraq war, and for these people to say that Marines are not welcome, is outright ludicrous. My two friends died for a moral that upholds our right to free speech, the VERY right that these people are using to ban Marines from their city. How hypocritical can you be? Are you that naive that you think banning Marines will stop the war?

To those that are involved in this ban, you absolutely disgust me. You are a complete disgrace to our armed forces, and to the very rights and morals that they uphold in our own country and abroad. They have no say in anything about the war, but they do their damn job every day regardless of local protesters who come up with ridiculous ideas to stop the war. If you think banning our Marines from your city is going to stop the war you are insane. It may actually bring a war to your very city itself.

I will never go to Berkley.


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