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A week with the newly-free FeedDemon

Monday, January 21st, 2008

As of last week Newsgator announced that all of their consumer products are now free. I have always wanted to try out FeedDemon among their other products, but was always content with Google Reader and saw no reason to put out a few extra dollars to purchase FeedDemon.

Now that time has arrived where it is free and I decided to make the switch for a week and see if I liked it, and I do indeed.

My likes are not just with FeedDemon, but with Newsgator Go! for mobile as well. My main complaint with Google Reader was that I couldn't easily view feeds on my Palm Treo. Yes, I know that I could have used google reader for mobile but when you are on a mobile phone, no matter how fast your internet is, browsing RSS feeds in IE for Windows Mobile is a very slow and painful process. With Go! it syncs every 15 minutes in the background so I don't have to wait for the downloads while reading feeds on my phone.

The fact that FeedDemon and Newsgator Go! sync their read and unread status among each other using Newsgator's online service is perfect. Now I can use FeedDemon when I'm at any of my computers, Newsgator Go! on my mobile, and use their web-based reader if I'm out of the other options.

It's like Google Reader, but 3 times better.

Sorry Google, you didn't win me over this time.



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