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A Couple Cool Developer Tools / Programs

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

Over the past few days I've been working on a project involved with interacting between MySQL and C#. I've also found a couple of other sweet programs to tell you about as well, so enjoy:

MySQL Gui Tools
Basically the equivalent of SQL Server Enterprise Manager, got some pretty sweet features, as well as a graphical table and query builder which has some pretty cool features for quick creation of tables and queries, very similiar to the class designer in Visual Studio.

MySQL Connector/Net 1.0
A generic set of classes that encapsulates normal ADO.NET operations for MySQL. Add a reference to MySql.Data.MySqlClient after installing the software, and you can use the MySqlConnection, MySqlAdapter, etc, just as you would with a native SQL or Access connection.

MySQL Visual Studio Plugin
A sweet plugin that adds ability to browse, create tables, edit queries and stored procedures from within the server explorer in Visual Studio, just like you would a normal SQL Server connection.


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