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Configuring Reporting Services for Email Subscriptions

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Reporting Services has many powerful features, especially when it comes to something that we use on a regular basis: report subscriptions. Report subscriptions allow users to subscribe to a specific report with specific parameters and have that report scheduled to be delivered on a regular basis.

We came across one issue while enabling subscriptions for our users which was putting in the user's AD username, and was graying out the To field so it would only show up, as "username" instead of allowing them to change to ""

To change this, you need to get into the rsreportserver.config file which is located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS10.MSSQLSERVER\Reporting Services\ReportServer. I should also note that this case applies specifically to Reporting Services from SQL Server 2008, but should be similiar for other versions (2003 and 2005).

There are a few configuration options to change in the config file. We are looking for the child element RSEmailDPConfiguration.

Within this XML fragment, there are 3 elements that we can change to customize this email behavior. These elements are SendEmailToUserAlias, DefaultHostName, and PermittedHosts.

The SendEmailToUserAlias is the element which grays out the username in the subscription email form. This will be set to True by default. If you want to allow the user to enter an email address you will need to set this to False, such as:

If you want your users to be able to email to any email address, you can safely skip the next 2 elements. Setting this to false opens the server wide up to email to any email address.

The second (optional) element is DefaultHostName. This is the hostname that will be inserted after the username (if you still have SendEmailToUserAlias set to True). By default, it uses the DNS name of the Domain Controller, which is usually not the proper email address for the user's Exchange account and therefore the report emails will fail.

The last (also optional) element is PermittedHosts. This section allows you to limit to specific domain names if you have set SendEmailToUserAlias to False. Basically you can open up the ability to send to a fully qualified email address, but then limit the domain names which can be used in those email address. If you leave this element empty they can send to any email address.

If you wish to restrict the email addresses to specific domain names, add entries as follows:

With these 3 options you should be able to configured email subscriptions in Reporting Services 2008 as needed. There are a number of other options regarding SMTP settings and allowed rendering formats, but for now I think that is enough.

Report Emailin' Tom Out.



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