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Fixing Access Denied While creating a new page in MOSS/WSS

Monday, May 11th, 2009

We recently ran across an issue which all users except for a small subset were receiving the SharePoint Access Denied error page whenever they tried to go to Site Actions -> Create Page.

What made this issue odd was that if they took the longer route of clicking through manage site structure, etc, they could indeed add a page to the site.

To add yet another odd factor, they had full control over the sites in question, so it was not as we had expected when we assumed their rights were not properly set up... at least in the sense that we were thinking.

After some isolation and testing, we were able to determine that the cause of this was in fact that the user did not have read access to the Master Page Gallery, which was what was actually causing the permissions error.

We had to add the affected groups with read permissions on the Master Page Gallery and everything worked as expected.

I must say a very odd error as one method to get there worked and another did not, but who ever said SharePoint was logical anyways?

Permissionin' Tom Out.



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