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Adding Custom Menu Item to MOSS/WSS List Actions Menu

Monday, May 4th, 2009

SharePoint often needs to be extended in order to accomplish a number of custom tasks, and what better way to extend it then to add an action directly to the menu that all users see when clicking on the actions menu on a list directly inside of SharePoint.

This is not very hard, it is just finding out where to begin, and Microsoft has this documented very well here.

To start out, create a folder in 12TEMPLATESFEATURES named MyCustomAction.

You will then need to create a Features.xml file and a CustomActions.xml file which will be placed in this folder.

The CustomActions.xml file can hold a number of different options, based on different types of lists and document libraries.

These are easily used by referencing the page which I linked above in Microsoft's documentation.

You can then point this custom action at any custom ASPX page of your choosing, and you are good to go!

You will need to install and activate the feature using stsadm as well, which is easy as can be.

Actionin' Tom Out.



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