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I'm Done with Time Warner Cable (as much as I can be).

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

This is now my third post on how bad of a company Time Warner Cable is, and therefore, as they say, the third time's the charm.

What happened this time?

I recently moved to a new house and scheduled the install of my cable internet and 2 cable boxes, one HD DVR and a normal cable box in my office.

I did not have a TV in the living room where the HD cable box was installed, so I could not test that this box actually worked until I put a tv in the room. To their (slight) credit, the box in my office works, and my internet works.

Now comes the fun part.

I put a TV in my living room and turned on the cable box. After loading for the average (and apparently acceptable) 10 minutes, the box did nothing, and A1E flashed on the box. Now when the installation employee saw that without it being plugged into a TV he told me that meant it had successfully launched... of course he did.

When I finally got a TV in the room my box would boot up for 10 minutes and sit and do nothing. None of the menus worked, it wouldn't get to the main menu, nor would it change channels to get any signal. I removed the cable from the box and plugged it into the TV directly... nothing.

I grab my ladder, remove the access entry for my attic, climb up and start digging. Within about 10 seconds I find that the cable that sourced to where the TV was is not even connected... wow. I paid this cable contractor $170 for a "cable run and install" which he didn't have to run
cable, nor did it work, nor did he install anything. On top of that, he was complaining the entire time stating the this was "outside of his job description." Apparently Time Warner is forgetting that their "job description" is customer satisfaction, unfortunately something I have never experienced with their company.

Now the fun continues. I fix the cable, make sure I'm getting basic cable on my TV, and plug it back into the box: Same thing, still not working. Time for some nerdyness. I go onto Google, find the button sequence to get into a diagnostic screen, and discover that absolutely nothing is working properly on the box.

I also discovered that A1E is not the code for success as this unsuccessful jackass contractor had told me, but for a hardware error.

Because of the aforementioned events and my continued anger and ridiculous issues in the past, as well as a company's unwillingness to change, nor care,
yet keep charging ridiculously high fees, I am done.

I cannot cancel my Internet because there are no other fast options in the area, but from this point on I will give Time Warner the least amount of money that I possibly can. I am cancelling both of my boxes and returning them this week.

I cannot understand how this company still exists, asides from the fact that they have a complete monopoly. I also just read that they are getting NC state legislature
to intervene in Wilson, NC where the city of Wilson is installing their own local internet and cable service for the exact complaints that I am having from their citizens. If our government can intervene on behalf of companies, why the hell can't you intervene and break a monopoly.

Time Warner is crap. I have never met someone with good stories about their service, and I mean NEVER.

I also know that some people may chime in on me and say that cable contractors are not employees of Time Warner. Bullshit. Time Warner continues to hire these idiots, they have no vested interest in Time Warner themselves, and yet they continue to work for them. I don't want to hear excuses, I want to see results, and I'm not seeing any.

PissedOffTimeWarnerHatingAndBoycottin' Tom Out.



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Tom said on Friday, April 24th, 2009 @ 10:46 AM

Don't remember exactly what the site was, but just Googled the model number and make of the box with diagnostics and came up with some very detailed information.

Spencer said on Thursday, April 23rd, 2009 @ 9:55 PM

geez man that sucks but i'm not suprised. everybody hates twc. i do too even though i haven't had nearly as many probs as u have. where did you find info on diagnostics for them? granted i have done absolutely no googling on the subject since i don't have a prob right now, just curious.

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