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Understanding SharePoint Template Ids

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

As I have been doing a good amount of SharePoint development lately, I have had to dig through the mess that Microsoft calls documentation for their external SOAP web services. One thing that is not properly documented anywhere is that the template ids, or template types, are hard-coded values that will not change.

There are a number of pre-defined types which I will list below. These will never change (short of someone modifying your xml configuration files manually on your MOSS or WSS server). When you create a custom type or id, it will be created with an index higher then these pre-defined constants. You can list all of the available templates, both hard-coded and custom, by making a call to the ListTemplates SOAP call in SharePoint's external web services.

The hard-coded values are as follows:

100 - Generic List
101 - Document Library
102 - Survey
103 - Links List
104 - Announcements List
105 - Contacts List
106 - Events List
107 - Tasks List
108 - Discussion Board
109 - Picture Library
110 - Data Sources
111 - Site Template Gallery
113 - Web Part Gallery
114 - List Template Gallery
115 - XML Form Library
119 - Wiki Page Library
120 - Custom Grid for a List
150 - Project Tasks
200 - Meeting Series List
201 - Meeting Agenda List
202 - Meeting Attendees List
204 - Meeting Decisions List
207 - Meeting Objectives List
210 - Meeting Text Box
211 - Meeting Things To Bring List
212 - Meeting Workspace Pages List
300 - Portal Sites List
1100 - Issue Tracking List
2002 - Personal Document Library
2003 - Private Document Library

A big thanks to Cory Foy, Shane Perran, and Eli Robillard for their help in determining these values and confirming that they are indeed hard-coded.

If I'm missing any here, please let me know!

TemplateIdin' Tom Out.



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