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Blocking A Specific Number from Calling Company Extensions in Avaya CM
We recently had a user who was being constantly harassed by a particular number and requested that we block this number from calling. We didn't like the idea of having the phone company block the num...

Receiving "The specified file is not a valid spreadsheet or contains no data" when importing to Office 365
A very quick post from us today on something which was extremely annoying. When trying to import into Office 365 from an Excel spreadsheet we were receiving the error "The specified file is not a val...

Receiving null value when using SPFarm.Local on SharePoint 2010
We recently encountered an issue where we were running an application to export granular permissions using the SharePoint 2007 object model before migrating to SharePoint 2010. In order to verify we ...

OCS 2007 Not Able To Communicate with Phone Switch or Make Calls
We recently encountered an interesting issue with OCS 2007 in which OCS was enabled with Remote Call Control (RCC) and was working for some users, but not working for others. When logging in and ...

LastPass Extension not enabled after installation in Chrome
After a long time of not blogging I figured I would share my issue with a recent LastPass re-installation now that I have my new super nerdy machine. I installed LastPass as I have normally on th...

Resolving Avaya Denial Event 2378
We have been working on resolving a faxing issue with our new Avaya system over the past 3 weeks which has been an interesting problem at best. We are running dual 8800 servers, with CM 5.2 and M...

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