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Time Warner HD-DVR is Complete Crap

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

So my brother and I have had a Time Warner HD DVR box for about 8 months now. The exact make and model is Scientific-Atlanta Explorer 8300 HDC. When we first got it the installation person told us that it was a new box, and should be "much better" then before. 8 months down the road, 3 brand new boxes, and 7 repair runs, as well as a re-running of our cable feed to our house... it is still the same pile of crap that it was before.

Why do I say this? Among some of my many, many.... MANY complaints, the major ones are as follows:

1. It doesn't work... at all
2. It randomly freezes while recording
3. When it freezes, which is about every other day, we have to reboot it
4. Guess what? Rebooting takes an average of 5 minutes... which really sucks if you are in the middle of a game or heaven forbid March Madness
5. The interface sucks... it is hard to navigate around your recorded shows
6. It randomly decides not to record random scheduled recordings... anyone else hearing Dane Cook in his latest CD? Tido.... anyone?
7. it is S-L-O-W... it never seems to be able to keep up with itself while navigating the guide, or anything for that matter

After multiple calls to Time Warner, the issue is caused by the following:
1. A software upgrade which was meant to "fix" the issue but caused another
2. Our signal strength on the cable line is not strong enough
3. We have a defective box and need to return it for a replacement

Notice anything odd about that list? Well I do... They are 3 completely different scenarios, all 3 of which we did as they instructed, and all 3 of our boxes are still piles of crap.

I think the general point behind this entire post is that the Scientific Atlanta DVR boxes are piles of crap, and Time Warner is the worst company in the world when it comes to customer satisfaction and general service in general. We are paying out the behind each month for a service that doesn't work... basically at all.

If you are suffering these same woes, please post a comment and tell me if you have found a solution. Because I haven't yet, and I'm wondering if I ever will.

Angry Time-Warner, Scientific-Atlanta-Hating Tom Out.


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