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I'm Quitting Netflix and I'm Boycotting Warner Brothers

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

I learned today that Time Warner and Netflix have "reached an agreement" that will force Netflix to delay new releases by 28 days.

I hate to hear this, because I am a huge fan of Netflix, and have loved the service since I started using it. My main reason for using Netflix: receive new releases (as well as some older movies I want) from the comfort of my computer chair, on the day they are released newly, and without having to drop $15 for a DVD or even worse $20 for a Bluray DVD.

Time Warner also did this with Redbox kiosk rentals not too long ago, flexing their muscles and continually leaving consumers in the dust in the long run. I would much prefer my price for Netflix go up a few dollars per month then them completely remove new releases, but then again that would be considering that Time Warner actually asked, and more importantly, cared about consumers. I am disappointed in Netflix for not fighting this more then they have, it actually sounds like they have been proponents of the change from what I have seen thus far.

The way I see it: If we can no longer get new releases, they should reduce our monthly charges, not keep them the same while they get more money. I can understand we are all in business to make money, but they could reduce their charges while reducing ours at the same time and not be so damn greedy like Time Warner is being while pulling these tricks out of their hats.

I have another idea too: Reduce the prices of DVDs so that they aren't insanely expensive, then they wouldn't have to force their hands and remove new releases from Netflix.

It's funny to me how in the end all of Time Warner's issues go back to the fact that they don't care about consumers, and will never care until people start acting.

Maybe I'm being partial in my hatred, but I have had a few different problems with Time Warner in the past, and this one is my final straw.

So what am I going to do? Well I'm cancelling Netflix and I will never buy another Warner Brothers movie. I hate it because I am a huge movie fan, but I'm sick of Time Warner being awful at everything and no one doing anything about it.

Pissed-Off-Warner-Hating-Tom Out.


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