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The Job Search Is Over

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

It has been a long time since I have blogged, and with good reason. I have been busy as I have ever been the past few months with my senior project, compilers class, and interviews. I interviewed pretty much all over the US, but came down to 2 finalists and I have made a fairly easy choice on where I will be for my job.

I took a job with a company called slash n software that is based out of Raleigh-Durham, NC. I will be taking on the role of Software Engineer and Systems Architect, where in the first year or so I will be focusing specifically on a project that they are releasing shortly after I start work there, adding features, and "running with it" as I feel necessary. This is a fairly unique position as I will be mixing a lot of different technologies and operating systems, which is right down my alley from what I have enjoyed and worked on in the past. Slash n has typically been a component-based company in the past, releasing components that handle internet communications, secure connections, Biz Server integrations, etc. The upcoming release of this new product is a shift in the company direction, and a change that I like the sounds of and look forward to riding the wave.

I am very excited about the new job, as I really like my boss and the people that I will be working with. It is a company that is steadily growing for quite some time now and I will be doing what I love: programming, and adding features and functionality that I know need to be there, not being told not to do so because it isn't in the budget. I really enjoy this kind of job, where you are creating products to sell and market, as opposed to creating projects for a client, on a set income and set time schedule. I will keep you all posted as time goes on with the new job, I will be moving down to NC after I graduate and starting work June 1st after a bit of a break to do whatever I want on my own accord.

To those of you reading this that are graduating this semester as well, I wish you the best, good luck in the job hunt, and stay in touch.



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