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Don't Ever Do Business with MochaSoft

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

I was recently browsing for a Remote Desktop Client on the IPhone and came across Mocha Remote Desktop. I purchased the product without fully reading the description, which states it does not support anything but Windows XP. That didn't seem like such a big deal, as I could wait, so I emailed their support to ask them if they would add support for Windows server anytime
soon. The responses from the "support" from this company were absolutely outrageous with attitude, unprofessionalism, and straight up rudeness.

This is definitely out of my normal blogging pattern, but this simply angers me too much not to talk about.

My chain of conversations went as follows:


Do you plan to Add support for windows server soon?


Their response:

We sell many different products, and I cannot see either

a) full product name
b) version number

from your mail. Not easy to give a proper reply.

Please always include
such information in every mail to our support function.

Jan Frydendal/MochaSoft

Sales :
Support :

Technical phone/fax : N/A (Please use email)

Postal address :
MochaSoft Aps
Clemmi Falk Vej 3
9492 Blokhus

Business hours :
Monday - Friday 10 - 16.00 , Time Zone : GMT + 1
( for our local time, see )
------- 5250 ---

My response:
Wow, with that kind of response I'm surprised you guys have any customers.

I don't appreciate being replied to like a jackass, perhaps you should watch your tone when dealing with customers.

Use some logic: which product do you have that doesn't support windows server? Maybe you could reply with an answer instead of being lazy?

And their response again, sealing the deal on their poor customer support:
Yes , I am lazy, I do not want to spend an hour giving an
answer for all different combinations of products and OS systems.

We have a lot of different products. As an example a tn5250 emulator for windows. Can it run on Windows servers ?

We also sell rdp clints for PDA/phones, and they will require another answer, or what about an activex object installed on a server. I could

jan f - mochasoft support

And finally my last response:
My point is not that you are being lazy, it is how unprofessional your response was. If you are that unhappy with working with your products perhaps you should find another career.

This email conversation will definitely be blogged, and I will make sure that no one I know purchases any of your products.

I won't bother asking for my money back, because I can see what kind of response that would receive.


I don't know how others feel, but I know that I am instantly outraged when someones responds to me in a disrespectful, down-talking, or plain rude way. These kinds of things are
something that companies cannot get away with in today's world, at least for a prolonged amount of time.

Pass this on if you feel this angers you too, and I would highly recommend not doing any business with MochaSoft.

Rantin' Tom Out.



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Joey said on Tuesday, January 13th, 2015 @ 12:17 PM

Well I would say their comment was a little snarky but I would also say you were being a bit thin skinned as well. I'd about 40% snarky 60% thin skinned. Just my opinion as a professional often on both sides of the isle.

martin said on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009 @ 7:28 AM

Please tell me you used the support function built into the program for your initial email - that would just be the icing on the cake.

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