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2 Android Apps worth looking at

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

I have been using the developer phone for the Android for roughly 6 months now and I must say that I am very impressed. It lacks in some areas where the IPhone prevails, but at the same time, it prevails in some areas (mainly data portability and openness, ease of development) where the IPhone does not.

There are 2 programs that I have learned to love which I would like to talk about very briefly:

The first is a free app, called SMS Backup. It does exactly what it says, and backs up SMS messages on the Android. The cool side of this application is that it backs up your SMS messages to Gmail (or Google Apps) allowing for the awesome Gmail search to encompass your SMS messages as well. It breaks them into threads by users, and even breaks them down into discussions with sent and received messages.

The second app, which is not free, but has a free trial before you spend your money, is NitroDesk's TouchDown. The full license costs $25, and is easily worth it. This application allows you to access all of your Exchange information over the air, supporting calendars, GAL, email, and now tasks. This is a great piece of software that is very stable. I only ran into one minor bug over the past 2 weeks and the support team was very responsive. Another pro to this app: It allows you to buy the full version if you have a dev phone (by entering a serial).

2 very cool apps, just thought I would spread the word a bit.

Androidin' Tom Out.



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