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Windows Mobile 6 Kicks Ass

Friday, December 21st, 2007

Two weeks ago AT&T and Palm released the free upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 for the Palm Treo 750 and I must say I am quite impressed thus far. Among a ton of sweet new features there is a significant performance and stability increase with Windows Mobile 6. I used to have to restart my phone randomly every few days, had issues with alarms not stopping until restarting, and had syncing issues with ActiveSync. Those days are now over with from what I can tell, and along with that, I want to mention a few awesome upgrades that they finally took into account.
  1. Better Internet: Upgraded Internet Speeds for "true" 3G speeds with the new Packet synchronization and HSPDCA upgrade
  2. Internet Connection Sharing: You can now tether your phone to your computer via the USB connection and share Internet, turn on ICS on the phone, and use your phone's internet just like it was connected via WiFi. Say goodbye to AT&T Wireless cards for laptops. Very cool!
  3. Integrated Windows Update: WM6 has an integrated program for Windows Update which means no more searching for random updates and having to hassle with using ActiveSync to download and install these updates.
  4. Better email: Alot of improvements in the email interface, including proper support for HTML emails, better attachment handling, etc. Now if Google would just fix their damn Google Apps and gmail so their emails display properly I would be perfectly happy.
  5. Streaming video: With the new upgraded internet speeds you can now stream video on the Palm Treo.... sweet.
  6. Remote Desktop Connection: Although WM5 had the old school Terminal Services Client, they upgraded WM6 to Remote Desktop Client, with an improved interface for turning a 19 inch monitor into a 2 inch screen. Most people say why would you ever use that?... any time I forget something on my computer at home, yes it takes a minute to get, but I can still get it nonetheless.
  7. Office Mobile: The upgraded Office Mobile, complete with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is pretty sweet. It loads much faster, doesn't crash randomly, and had a much better interface for the phone.
  8. Encryption: This isn't a big deal for me, but I know this was a feature that a lot of people were asking for. You can now encrypt the data stored on your phone and any external SD cards.
All and all I would say that is a pretty sweet list of new goodies and upgrades. Bravo to the WM team for creating a great upgrade to an already pretty impressive operating system.


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