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TOU.... what's that?

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

I find it interesting as I read today's wave of blogs related to Scoble's facebook account being blocked for violating the Terms of Use. He was using an automated tool to retrieve contact information for his 5000 facebook friends. There has been a whole slew of posts, "Save Scoble," "Let Scoble back onto Facebook," and so on and so forth, and all of that to me is ridiculous.

Don't get me wrong, I am definitely a fan of Scoble. He basically started blogging, if you ask me, and is definitely a trend-setter in the tech industry. But.... come on.

Scoble's posts today were very condescending of facebook as if they had some massive plot to stop Scoble from getting to his information. They were simply protecting their information, protecting their servers, and protecting the site from a ridiculous mass of SPAM and Porn emails from sites like myspace that clearly have no idea of how to stop account violations. I no longer use myspace, no questions asked, period... simply because of the amount of SPAM that I get every day (and, might I add, SPAM from friends who entered their account information in phishing sites as well as the countless others).

What Scoble and his army of supporters are failing to realize is that these Terms of Use are in place for the simple reason to protect facebook, and it's users, from the onslaught of crap that sites like myspace fail to eliminate. I understand that most people would like to be able to use their contacts as they see fit, but complaining about being banned for doing something that the site specifically says you cannot, I don't want to hear it. Not to mention I doubt he asked the 5000 friends for their permission to use their information... but that is a whole different subject.

My name isn't Scoble, so I guess that means I can't get out of a speeding ticket because I wanted to use my car to pickup my friends.... really fast. I was speeding... but who cares, I should be able to use my car as I please.

I know, maybe I'm taking that a bit too far... but it bothers me that people get so angry about things like this when they signed up for the site and knowingly clicked that little button that says "I agree," and apparently did not agree at all.


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