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Receiving null value when using SPFarm.Local on SharePoint 2010
We recently encountered an issue where we were running an application to export granular permissions using the SharePoint 2007 object model before migrating to SharePoint 2010. In order to verify we ...

OCS 2007 Not Able To Communicate with Phone Switch or Make Calls
We recently encountered an interesting issue with OCS 2007 in which OCS was enabled with Remote Call Control (RCC) and was working for some users, but not working for others. When logging in and ...

Resolving Avaya Denial Event 2378
We have been working on resolving a faxing issue with our new Avaya system over the past 3 weeks which has been an interesting problem at best. We are running dual 8800 servers, with CM 5.2 and M...

Resolving IIS SSL Handshake Error
We recently came across an issue which all new SSL certificate applications were failing and presenting users with an SSL Handshake error. IIS was accepting the certificates properly but there was st...

Starting SharePoint workflow for each item in a list
I recently came across a scenario in which we created a new workflow for a list that had over 5,000 items, and as a result of having to start the new workflow for each list item I didn't want to manua...

Fixing "The given key was not present in the dictionary" error in SharePoint 2010 Installation
We are currently working on standing SharePoint 2010 to start working on our migration paths internally, and I encountered an odd error. I followed the instructions provided by Microsoft verbatim and...

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